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Who is the Chiropractor?

Mr Lee C. Goodwin BPHE, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic

Mr Lee C. Goodwin is a registered Chiropractor graduating in 1998 with a Four Year Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Toronto) after a four year Honours Health Promotion Degree from Laurentian University (Canada) with internships in Physiotherapy and was assistant in the Athletic therapy department.

He is registered with the General Chiropractic Council the British Chiropractic Association and the British Medical Acupuncture Society and is registered with many Heath insurance providers including Westfield, Simply Health and AXA-PPP as a Chiropractic specialist service provider. He has earned his reputation of honesty, commitment to patient care and friendly reassuring nature. He has writen advice articles for local magazines giving general advice and answering questions related to Health questions and Chiropractic care. He enjoyed his athletic career playing American Football, Varsity Soccer and Shirebrook Rangers Vets. He still likes to keep fit for his patients and children.

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Are fees Covered by Insurance?

Chiropractic care fees are covered by all major Health Insurance providers includin AXA PPP, Simply Health, Westfield, Norwich Union and many others. You may need to check with your Insurance prior to the Initial Consultation. Please call or email if there are any questions. Road Traffic Accident and other Accident victims can often claim fees through IRPS and TICCS via thier car/home insurance. Treatment may include Chiropractic Adjustments (Spinal Manipulation), Soft Tissue Therapy, Joint Mobilizations, Acupuncture (Electro and traditional methods) and Rehabilitation exercises.


Is Chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic is a very safe form of treatment but, like most health treatment interventions, some side effects may occur.

Most often this would be temporary symptoms such as pain, redness, soreness or, more unusually, swelling, around the area being treated. - Treatments employed by chiropractors are actually statistically safer than many other conservative treatment options (such as ibuprofen and other pain killers).

There are very few medical interventions, if any, that carry no risk at all. For example, in April of 2016 the British Journal of General Practice reported Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs like Ibuprofen used for Low back pain) are responsible for 30% of hospital admissions for preventable Adverse Drug Reactions, mainly due to bleeding, heart attack, stroke, and renal damage.

A major study of chiropractic neck manipulations in the UK was carried out and reported on in 2007 (Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2007 Oct 1;32(21):2375-8) found no serious adverse side effects with neck manipulations across 50,000 treatments. To put this in context, a 'significant risk' for any therapeutic intervention (such as pain medication) is defined as 1 in 10,000.

What Can I expect on the first visit?

A detailed History is taken of your current complaint, past health issues and general health. Patients are offered gowns if necessary for examination, but patients dignity is always well respected. The Chiropractor will test the function of muscles, nerves and joints through neurological and orthopeadic tests. The tests will be explained to patients and are performed within the patients comfort level. Anything you dont think you can do or are afraid of doing will not be forced upon you. The report of findings explains what is wrong, what can be done about it (not just Chiropractic but other treatment options as well), what the recommended treatment will consist of and the patient will have all their questions answered. Usually the first treatment can take place during the first visit. Xrays, MRI scans and Blood tests may occasionally be necessary before treatment starts. If this is the case, the Chiropractor will try to arrange this through your GP to save patient costs. Excellent and quick private referral for Xray and MRI scans is available if necessary and wanted.

How Many treatments will it take?

Everyone is different and no guarantee can be made about any medical treatment. Be cautious if you have received any guarantees. Chiropractic, acupuncture and rehabilitative exercise is excellent treatment for mechanical conditions. The majority of conditions should respond quickly to treatment. There is usually a noticeable improvement within 4 to 6 treatments. It may take longer for fuller resolution of symptoms. If your condition is likely to take longer you will be informed in the report of findings.

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