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Check out some of testimonials from our other patients and see how we help .

"Feels 100% better back to laying slabs ,and curbs at work, much better in morning, appreciate evening appointments"

Mr C Collins, Ground Worker, Chesterfield  

Since Chiropractic care I am very much better can move easier, I  can now turn my head to see in the car. Regular care keeps my pain near 0/10 . 

Mrs Parry , Mansfield Woodhouse   

"Feeling 85 % better , walking much better, was 10 minutes faster on my walk now" 

Glennis R Barlborough   

"Feeling a lot better, thought I would need Knee replacement surgery due to my age, steroid injections didnt help, but the acupuncture , mobilizations and exercises have helped so much"

MRS J Smith , Shirebrook    

"Had neck pain this last year that wouldn't heal up, now neck range is full and returning to Football and martial arts training."

Phil Owens Chesterfield 

"Couldn’t reach for tools at work or even in the shower. Shockwave has helped my shoulder and is now working fine. My head used to feel heavy making me slouch but after having Chiropractic and acupuncture, I feel much taller and lighter.”

Mr Neil Beadling  Motorcycle mechanic, Warsop   

“For me, Shockwave Treatment has been fantastic and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Before my course of treatment I was going to have to have a third operation on my shoulder,  since being treated by Lee with Shockwave, my shoulder is completely pain free and I no longer  need another operation.  The treatment itself is comfortable and  the results are just incredible.”

Mrs Louise Salter, Nottinghamshire       

”Excellent treatment, well worth it. I would definitely have Shockwave therapy again if recommended by Lee.  My shoulder is Pain free now.”    

Mrs M Shaw, Nottingham                

“The Shockwave Therapy has taken the constant pain away from my Shoulder and my hip!  I am walking and sleeping much better now!”

Mrs Beryl Scott    

“For  the last 6 years my feet  felt like bricks,with severe burning and tingling. walking was very uncomfortable  until i tried Shockwave therapy at Shirebrook, Derbyshire. The improvement has been in  excess of 95% and my feet feel like new!”

Mr A. B. Chesterfield 

"I’m writing to say what relief I’ve experienced following a course of ShockWave Therapy at Goodwin Chiropractic. I have tried a range of treatments before, some suggested by my doctor, some not, including courses of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers. But any relief from the discomfort and stiffness in my knees and ankles has been short-lived at best. Although I know that the damage done years ago can’t be undone, the ShockWave Therapy has helped to reduce the symptoms and the discomfort and stiffness for a far longer period than anything I’ve tried before. It’s made a world of difference. Thank you so much."

Mrs Carol Fritchley , Worksop    

“I have had different treatments over many years, Shockwave has been the first that has given quick results for my long standing back pain.” 

Mr D Abbott,  Plumber Whitwell, Bassetlaw

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